Sunday, December 30, 2012

SPOTTED: Goody Spin Pin & Modern Up Do ($1 ea!)

I spotted an entire display of Goody brand Spin Pin and Modern Up Do hair accessories at my local Dollar Tree in both the light (for lighter hair shades) and dark (for darker hair shades).  Like everything that is sold at Dollar Tree these are selling there for $1 each.  I have recently seen these on sale at major retailers for the full retail price, so I was surprised to see these at Dollar Tree.  I received my first box of Spin Pins in my Voxbox and I instantly fell in love – so I made sure I picked up another box of these at Dollar Tree for a back-up.  I also picked up one of the modern up do’s to leave in my purse and/or car glove compartment.

In case you are not aware of how amazing these products are – the spin pins will give you a flawless looking bun in a matter of seconds.  All you do is spin these corkscrew looking pins into your hair (it doesn’t hurt – if you’d like you can see my full review here: ) whereas the modern up do will give you a flawless looking up do in a matter of seconds.

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