Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shannon’s HED (Hair Education Defined) Giveaway Winnings!

About a month or so ago, a beauty blogger, StephsBeauty was hosting a giveaway on her blog hosted by HED (Hair Education Defined).  She tested out some of their products and hosted a giveaway featuring the three products she enjoyed the most.  I believe the products retail for about $100 for the three that I received.  The package was shipped direct from HED and included the three bottles of product, a packing list and an information card on their line.  I’m really excited to try the items out to see how they do for my hair.

Here’s what I received:

HED-Overdirect Shine Serum
According to the brochure this product is “A shining star in the new collection, this lightweight designer hair ‘exlier’ works in sync with the cut to create maximum body, shine and fabulous finish.  What’s the message in this bottle? Pure magic! pH 4.5”

HED-Depth Deep Conditioning Mask
According to the brochure this product can “Achieve a deeper level of added care and repair for dry, damaged or chemically-treated hair in need of a more therapeutic treatment.  Rich with antioxidants, grape seed oil and green leaf help to repair and protect the hair.  pH 4.5.”

HED-Interior Leave-in Conditioning Cream
According to the brochure this product does “Great style starts from the inside out, with a luxe leave-in cream that creates healthy, shiny and manageable hair.  High performance ingredients like avocado and jojoba seed oils team up to moisturize, detangle and protect hair from drying and damaging elements (like thermal heat or hot, dry weather). pH 5.3.”

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