Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sinful Colors Metallic Nail Polish (old) Haul

 This is a haul from August (I KNOW!) and this is the number of polishes I just went crazy and had to purchase.  I got these for 99 cents each at Walgreen’s, which is a great deal because in my opinion Sinful Colors makes some really nice polish shades and they last on my fingers with a top coat.

These polishes were from the Metallic display, which featured solely metallic looking nail polishes.  I only purchased the shades that appealed to me the most – which if I recall correctly was 5 out of the available 7.  Don’t fret – I realize with Sinful Colors their limited edition displays are around only for a while and then they are gone BUT Walgreen’s is known for stashing polishes away (from limited edition displays that don’t sell) and then bringing them out when Sinful goes on sale for 99 cents to get rid of their stash.  I’ve found the Grecian line polishes months and months later at select Walgreen’s for sale for 99 cents, WELL after I was kicking myself in the behind for not picking a few shades up (that I fell in love with the swatches online).

Here are the color shades I picked up:
-    Precious Metal
-    Zincing of You
-    Hot Wired
-    Super Nova
-    Gone Platinum

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