Wednesday, November 21, 2012

REVIEW: Goody Spin Pins

I have seen the Goody Spin Pins at stores like Target and had never raised an eyebrow to them.  They always seemed like daunting little devices and I wasn’t positive that two little “cork screw” looking devices would work as a piece to hold my hair in – let alone get INTO my hair.  I never read the back of the box to see how they are used; I just assumed they’d be as torturous as bobby pins typically are in my hair.  Note: My hair is silky and thin-medium (depending on the day) so bobby pins and even hair ties tend to slide out of my hair, stab me in the skull, etc., etc.  With all that background “danger signs” when I received these in my Influenster Beauty Blogger Voxbox I was hesitant to use them.  In fact they are one of the last products for me to try out.  After using them – I really wonder what took me so long!

The product comes packaged in a pink and green box with a clear plastic casing to showcase the product inside.  The pins are tied down to the inner cardboard to keep it from moving around in the box.  The products range in price dependent upon where you purchase, but for the most part it’s between the $5.79-6.29.  The lower price being Walmart (Target is 10 cents more) and the higher price being a pharmacy (Walgreens).

The pins themselves are harder metal pieces.  The edges are rounded so you don’t have to worry about gouging your skull. The design is sleek enough to spin into your hair, sturdy enough to hold and maneuver and textured in a way that’s not slippery against your fingertips.  They’re pretty sturdy pieces as well – they don’t blend by holding, etc.  The pins come in two shades – a light and a dark.  The light obviously for lighter hair colors (blond and dirty blondes) and dark for brunettes or folks with black hair.

These are available for purchase at almost all major retailers that sell Goody hair products.  Target, Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens while they are also available on websites such as Amazon and  As mentioned above pricing varies based on the retailer but for the most part they fall between the $5.79-6.29 ranges (the prices can be slightly higher if purchased online).

I would HIGHLY recommend these to anyone who is looking to simplify their hairdo.  This literally took me 10 seconds to do and it holds my hair pretty well.  I tend to touch my hair ALL DAY LONG (it’s a bad habit) especially since I have my hair in layers (which are growing out) I have different lengths to my hair, so the shorter lengths always tend to hang and/or do what they want.  The pins do a great job at keeping my hair back, in place and pretty cute and precise without the need or use of a hair tie, etc.  The pins spin in and out of the hair with ease, not pulling or tugging.  I was quite surprised at how easy they spun in and how pain free it was.


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