Friday, August 31, 2012

LONG awaited CVS haul!

Yes, I’m really far behind, but better late than never.  This is a haul I did I want to say … in July ::hangs head in shame::.  I want to say it was July, but it was around the time that CVS was doing their second round of clearance on beauty related items.  I saw a haul by Madison (on LUUUX) featuring the 3D Sally Hansen polishes and if I recall correctly, I saw swatches by Heatherann (on LUUUX) for one of the shades so I made an excuse as to why I needed to rush to CVS right away.  Thankfully when I got there they still had the Sally Hansen polishes which were on clearance for $1.75.  Oddly enough most of the shades that others were picking up were not on clearance at my store only 4 colors were – but I only purchased 3 because the fourth was just a shade I would never wear because it was so light.  I had ECB’s to spend so I made sure I reached my $20 limit to save $5 and I stacked it with a 25% off and a few manufacturers coupons so I only ended up spending I want to say around $5 for all of this if I remember correctly.

Here’s what I picked up:

-    Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in the shade 08
-    Sally Hansen HD Hi-Definition Nail Color – Byte
-    Sally Hansen HD Hi-Definition Nail Color – DVD
-    Sally Hansen HD Hi-Definition Nail Color – Wavelength
-    Covergirl Outlast  lip color in 536 Spicy Beige

Thursday, August 30, 2012

What’s in my purse – Beauty Edition

I tore my handbag apart yesterday afternoon in search of a nail clipper (that I could not find).  I quickly realized how much STUFF I carry around with me on a daily basis just because my purse is a black hole and holds everything but the kitchen sink.  No wonder my shoulder starts to hurt after lugging my bag around for a while.  I sometimes have more this depending upon the situation, but nonetheless this is what I carry around with me daily – minus a stick of deodorant which I forgot to picture.  Yes, I carry deodorant with me … that’s not weird, is it?  I admit I only use 4-5 of these things regularly, other than that they are just taking up space and helping make my right arm stronger than my left.

Here’s all that I carry around:

Olay – Wet Cleansing Clothes
Neosporin To Go Anti-Bacterial Spray
Vitamin Water lip gloss
Blistex – Lip MedEx
Udderly Smooth lotion
EOS Cucumber Melon lotion
Walgreen’s brand SPF 55
Avon – Silicone Glove lotion
Elf – Berry Blush lip gloss
Maybelline Baby Lips – Peach kiss
Atomizer filled with Fancy by Jessica Simpson

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

57 CENT CVS Haul!

This is my 57 cent CVS haul!

I popped into CVS yesterday because they had e-mailed me a coupon for a free Unreal candy bar (which you signed up for through their Facebook page).  I also received a 20% off your beauty purchases coupon in my e-mail so I printed that off.  I then logged into my CVS Extracare account online and saw a $2 off any CVS Brand body wash/soap so I printed it out figuring I’d get a pretty decent deal using it. After this, off to CVS I went.  Once inside I scanned my card at the red machine and was given a $2 off any Sally Hansen treatment and a $2 off any Rimmel product.  I was taking my time walking around and decided I did not want to spend $13 on the new Conair brush I wanted so I decided to just get a few things.  I grabbed the Unreal candy (the M&M dupe), headed over to the body wash section and found the CVS brand of Old Spice.  It smelled good so I figured I’d get it for my boyfriend and since it was technically a “beauty” product the 20% off would go against that.  I then decided to see what deal I could score with the Sally Hansen coupon so I saw their Hard as Nails for like $3.53, I figured I could pay the $1.53 for it, but I found a $2 off manufacturer coupon in my purse so it turned out to be free!  The overage from the Sally Hansen coupons and the 20% off beauty for the nail product went towards the body wash reducing the price further.  Not bad for a last minute run into CVS to cure a mini shopping itch.

Little Lunch Time Hauling!

I had to run an errand yesterday during lunch time (actually I had to return a salad I picked up at the grocery store because it was NOT good when I went to eat it at lunch).  Since I was going to end up just end up eating lunch at my desk I figured I'd run one more errand so I popped into Dollar Tree which is in the same parking lot as the grocery store.  I meandered around not really finding anything until I got to the hair accessories aisle.  I was surprised to see Goody brand hair ties and jaw clips.  I think it was Wendy who posted about Goody hair ties at Dollar Tree but the stores local to me do not usually carry Goody (outside of little kid headbands).  So I picked up a pack of two different shades.  I go through hair ties like water especially when I'm in a stage where I'm tieing my hair back a lot (which I am currently in).  Then again for $1 you can't go wrong since these can get pretty pricy even at Walmart.  The other item I picked up was a duo pack of Goody jaw clips.  These are the nice ones that I like because they tend to keep ALL my hair up, so I was happy to score these.  Not bad for $3 on lunch!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Couponing at Dollar Tree?!

Did you know Dollar Tree is now accepting coupons?  I saw it come across on Facebook on one of the couponing websites I have liked and shrugged it off until I went into Dollar Tree yesterday and was asked if I had any coupons.  That raised my eyebrow because I figured everything is $1 what ever could you coupon with?  Since I needed to get some hand soap and dish detergent, I decided to see what deal I could score at Dollar Tree and I got 8 bottles of product for $4.  Not bad, not bad at all.

If you’re interested in how their coupon policy works the coupon has to be a manufacturer coupon, has to not be expired, and has to be an exact match to the product in the store – do take note of size restrictions on coupons.  BTW not a lot of their employees know they take coupons and not all stores are taking them just yet – it’s branching out and many employees who work in stores that take coupons have not been trained on how to accept them.  The store I went to purchase the items took coupons, but when I got to check-out the girl up front wasn’t aware and gave me my coupons back.  She had to ask someone and they have an instruction sheet at checkout.  It’s a bit of a painstaking process and it will slow down the line as they have to manually enter the value of the coupon into the system.  Ah, the life of a couponer!

The coupons I had were $1 off of the purchase of 2, so I felt that was justifiable.  I ended up picking up the following items:

2 Softsoap Juicy Apple body washes
2 Soft Soap soap refills in Soothing Aloe Vera
2 Soft Soap pump soaps in Soothing Aloe Vera & Milk Protein and Honey
2 Palmolive Dish soap in Apple scent

Monday, August 27, 2012

SPOTTED: Revlon’s Sparkle Aplenty nail polish – Runway Report Display

This is quite possibly the most beautiful Revlon nail polish I have seen in a while. While zipping thru Walgreen’s the other day I spotted this and immediately fell in love. Lets back-track for a moment here, I happen to be pretty obsessed with dark color nail polishes (for a while I was all about black nail polish) so it does not come as a surprise that I am completely in love with this Sparkle Aplenty shade. Just from the naked eye to draw a comparison you could compare this against Revlon’s Scandalous nail polish which is the purple colored glitter based nail polish.

Sparkle Aplenty is a thin black polish which has black and silver small and large chunky glitters in it. I personally have not swatched it so I cannot state whether or not it applies nicely, but it’s such a gorgeous shade. It retails for $4.99 at Walgreen’s and I’m sure it will start popping up at other pharmacies and department stores in the weeks to come. The nail polish is featured on a single display which only houses the new shade – the display name is Runway Report.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

SPOTTED: Sinful Colors Hot Flash Metallics Collection

 On my way into Walgreen’s to get a bottle of soda I of course breezed past the beauty section.  Typically when I’m just browsing I only check the first 3 little subsections at the front of my store and then anything on/near the check-out counter in the beauty section.  There was nothing really eye catching on the first little 3-rowed section at the front, but there was a display near the beauty check-out counter that immediately caught my eye.  I first picked up 2 shades and put them back telling myself I did not need them (self control – hoorah! Although … I did go back 2 days later to get them). So I took out my phone and snapped a few photos of it because they are just gorgeous, gorgeous colors and I haven’t seen them discussed on any beauty blogger site that I tend to browse through on occasion.

Metallic polishes have been popping up on the market as they are seemingly the “it” thing in the polish world.  Essie has the most notable collection of metallic polishes which I think can pretty much be found anywhere now (for a while they weren’t in my local area but now they are all over the place).  From what I understand with the Sinful Colors polishes is all Walgreens do not have the displays up yet.  I’ve been to three separate Walgreen’s over the past week and have spotted the display in 2 of them; the other did not have it out.  The first Walgreen’s I went to had it out for at least a few days because it had some purchases off it.  The store I went to today was fully-stocked and looked like it was just put out this morning.  Anyway!

The display contains 8 nail polishes.  One of which I wouldn’t say is metallic (the red) but who am I to judge?  There are 2 colors which are very similar to one another (Zincing of You and Super Nova) which are literally a few shades lighter/darker from one another and the blues (Precious Metal and Hot Wired).  One is a brighter blue shade and the other is a darker which is a black based blue.  But I will say ALL are gorgeous.  The shades in this collection are as follows:

-    Precious Metal
-    Zincing of You
-    Hot Wired
-    Moss Have
-    Heavy Metal
-    Super Nova
-    Gone Platinum
-    Hot Hot Heat

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Single item Avon Haul - Silicone Glove

A few weeks ago I scanned the Avon campaign booklet and didn't see much of anything that caught my eye outside of a new bottle of lotion.  Since it was a premier in the campaign they were offering it for 99 cents for a 3.5 oz bottle of lotion.  Since I am a bit of a lotion lover (aka hoarder) I decided for a dollar I couldn't go wrong.  Plus I'd be annoyed if I heard fabulous things about it and then had to buy it for full price (which I want to say is $4-5).

I have dry skin on my hands, especially in the winter -- but now that I deal with paperwork Monday-Friday at work my hands are becoming more and more beat up, especially around my fingers.  I've been looking to find a lotion to aid in repairing it so I have hopes for this.  I have an older Avon lotion which is actually like an exfoliate where after you rub your hands together it literally beads your dead skin cells right off your hands/arms.  It's quite amazing.  I just got this bottle of lotion today so I haven't given it a shot yet but once I do I will write up a review.

Another Scented Wax Cube Haul -- I admit I have a problem...

I've taken the first step -- I've admitted I have a problem.  And I realize full and well that I keep buying these scented wax cubes even though I DON'T NEED anymore!  But I keep finding myself in Wal-Mart and for some reason Wal-Mart tends to have new shipments of these cubes in while I am there.  Truthfully, it's starting to overtake me (haha).  My boyfriend was looking at a 3-tier bookcase and I was in the aisle behind the aisle he was in smelling wax cubes.  Great give and take, right?  When he was ready to go, I was sticking these scents under his nose inquiring his thoughts (since we do live together, he will undoubtedly have to live with the smell -- thoughtful, right!?).  Since it was nearing closing time (they were literally paging to bring items up front or be locked inside forever -- okay so the last part is a stretch) I decided to stick with the 3 I had in my hands because these were a splurge purchase.  The 3 fragrances I picked up are as follows:

Better Homes:
- Sugared Melon Kiwi
- Enchanted Evening Walk

- Date Night

Haul: Skechers Bikers Vamped Womens Clogs Sneakers

I went to JC Penney this weekend to look for a new pair of earrings and I ended up in the shoe department because I walked by a display that said "Clearance $10." Of course that sucked me in immediately and I was browsing the 6 rows of clearanced shoes. Unfortunately JC Penney doesn't usually carry very many shoes for myself since I do have a large foot (size 11-12 dependent upon the shoe). As I got to the last shelf, I noticed a size 11 so I picked up the box and saw it was a pair of Skechers which were the backless slip on sneaker. I tried them on and they fit -- I would prefer them a half size larger just for room/comfort but they fit nicely. The girl that was working in the shoe department said she had a few pair because they are so comfortable. Since I have issues with my feet, I tend to try to wear sneakers as much as possible because they are the most comfortable. Sneakers are not always the most business forward type of wear so I figured having a pair that were thinner and less "look at me I'm wearing sneakers!" (as my Nike's scream lol) that they'd be more business appropriate. I've never work Skechers before -- I tend to be a Nike girl, so fingers crossed these do well on my feet.

If you are interested in this particular pair, they are the Skechers Bikers Vamped Womens Clogs Sneakers, Style: Natural. I got these for $24 on clearance at JC Penney's which is less than half (I want to say it was a 70% discount) because the price for these online without a sale are around $60.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

FREEBIE: Freeman - Anti-Stress Mask

A couple weeks back I picked up a bottle of this Freeman's Anti-Stress Mask with Dead Sea Minerals.  I got this for absolutely free with the thanks to a mail in rebate which was on the bottle when I purchased it from CVS.  It was quite a great deal because I picked up some other items, using some CVS ExtraCare Bucks.  I technically paid $3.99 for this, but after about 6-8 weeks I was mailed the rebate check.  Which I have received, I just need to cash it.  Mail in rebates can be a pain in the butt to deal with because you have to fill out the form and mail it in (and remember to actually MAIL it in).  But the great thing with a mail in rebate is you get to try a product for free.  Granted it's a bit of money out of your pocket at first, but you end up getting it back in the end.  If you are in the market to try out a Freeman product, check out your local CVS (and/or Walgreens) to see if they have the little rebate forms on the product!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

FREEBIE: Essie - Stroke of Brilliance

About a month or so ago I received an Essie Klout perk invitation.  I opted into the perk and was advised in 4-6 weeks I'd be receiving my Essie nail polish in the mail.  I wasn't sure if it was going to be Stroke of Brilliance or if it was going to be another Luxeffects polish since with the last Essie perk all those who opted into the perk received different shades from the summer collection.

Stroke of Brilliance is a stunning blue and silver glitter polish.  The glitter sizes range between small and medium hexagon shapes.  If you are familiar with Essie's A Cut Above, the glitter sizes are pretty similar.  This will be perfect as a glitter top coat for a darker shade -- blues, teals, grays, etc.

Disclaimer: I was given a free product or sample because I'm a Klout influencer. I was under no obligation to receive the sample or talk about this company. I get no additional benefits for talking about the product or company.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Single item Walgreen's Haul

I popped into Walgreen's to pick up a brace for my arm at night (not pictured because, that's weird) and while there I decided I needed to pick up some moisturizer that had SPF in it.  I've gotten back to using my Retin-A which is making my face ultra sensitive to products I put on while washing my face and even after washing my face.  I found my Neutrogena sensitive skin actually broke me out and another sunscreen (which I cut with some moisturizer to help lessen the sting to my face) I had made me look like I rubbed my face in a grease-pit after literally 2 hours of it on my face.  Not attractive.  So I picked up this bottle of Olay Complete Sensitive Skin w/ SPF 15 in it. I hope it works well for me, leaves me non-greasy looking and does not irritate my face.  Fingers crossed.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Big Lots haul

This is a relatively overdue Big Lots haul.  I had popped into Big Lots to browse around one day and ended up picking up some goodies in the beauty aisle (as per the norm).  I was pretty happy to see they had some of the large bottles of Aussie volumising shampoo which is my go-to shampoo at the moment.  Unfortunately they did not have the conditioner so I'm going to have to make a run for Target/Wal-Mart to pick it up since the bottle I'm currently using is just about emptied.  The only product I have not used yet is the mud mask since it was a relatively impulsive purchase.

Here's what I picked up:

- Aussie Aussome Volume shampoo
- Listerine Whitening Mouth Wash
- St. Ives - Intensive Healing lotion
- Mud Mask with Dead Sea Minerals

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

the Dress I'm most likely wearing to a wedding

I picked up this Vera Wang dress at Kohl's a number of weeks back with the intention of wearing this to my boyfriends cousin's wedding.  I figured since it's going to be an August wedding and August can sometimes bring the hottest of weather, I'd like to be somewhat comfortable -- especially in a church where there is NO air conditioning.  I spotted this dress at Kohl's and really fell in love with the color.  It's a gorgeous blue teal shade sleeveless dress which rests at my knees.  The front has a design over the bust and down the middle of the dress which looks as a chiffon and really dresses it up [as you can see the pattern in the flash based 2nd photo].  The greatest part?  The dress was originally $68 and I paid under $8 for it after my 30% off coupon.  SCORE!  Got to love Kohl's and their fabulous deals!  Now this is the dress that's in the running for the wedding, but that doesn't mean I won't be browsing in stores over the next week to see if I can find something else.

Would you wear this dress to a wedding?
Have you purchased anything at Kohl's as of late?