Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beauty Box by Target!

If you're an avid Target fan and you have participated in their Beauty Bag giveaways in the past through Target Style then this might interest you.  In case you are not aware -- apparently the last time the beauty bags were sent out it was the last time Target was going to continue doing the beauty bags (which were free to those individuals who signed up for them through the Target Style website/facebook page).

Surprisingly enough they came back with a new Beauty Box -- but this time you have to pay $5.00 for it.  This $5 includes the cost of shipping, tax and the products inside

Target provided the following little blurb in regard to the box: "Try on and try out some of our beauty faves. The Beauty Box by Target boasts beauty, skin care and nail care brands you already know, and a few that may be completely new to you. Shipping is included, plus each order includes a special offer to keep you looking fab while staying on budget."

If you are interested in signing up, you should do so quickly since they are only sending out 20,000 of these.  Here's the link to the Target Style facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TargetStyle?sk=app_363229193782196&app_data=main

I ordered mine this afternoon and from my confirmation e-mail was advised to expect delivery within 4-6 weeks.  Fingers crossed there are some great (full sized!?) goodies in the box!

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Mini Grocery Store Udderly Smooth Body Cream Haul

I purchased this a little while back but completely forgot to post about it.  I’ve praised this Udderly Smooth Body Cream to the high heavens over and over again – so while I was at the grocery store, heading down the health and beauty section, I spotted a tub of the body cream.  I do know the miniature tubes are sold at local Dollar Tree locations but this particular tub had more product in it for a better value (I paid under $4 for it).

The body cream itself is amazing.  It’s incredibly moisturizing, greaseless, it doesn’t stain your clothing and it’s only mildly scented.  I wouldn’t call it a “scent” per-say, but it it’s more of an “unscented lotion” scent if that makes any sense.  The reason I feel this product is so great is because it was actually formulated for dairy cows to be applied to their udders.  There have been so many products introduced to the market which were originally formulated for the use on an animal but were later found to be useful in humans.

I carry a miniature version of the hand cream around in my purse and use it constantly.  I find my hands get super dry when I’m working because the city I work in must have hard water and it just damages my skin like no tomorrow.

You can check out the Udderly Smooth website to see the products they offer: http://www.udderlysmooth.com/.  I haven’t seen a lot of these products in store (only the lotions and creams), I wish I did, because I trust this brand so much I’d purchase a lot more of them.

Have you tried any of the Udderly Smooth products?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Review: Trader Joe’s Moisturizing Cream Shave in Honey Mango

I purchased this moisturizing shaving cream from Trader Joe’s after someone I went to high school with had asked me if I tried it yet since she had seen my love for Trader Joe’s on my Instagram journey.  On one of my trips, I decided to pick it up.  I am constantly battling dry skin on my legs and arms, particularly in the summer and winter months so I wanted to make sure to grab a hold of this to try it out since some shave creams/gels, etc., can make me quite itchy afterwards and even dry my legs.

The cream comes packaged in a squeeze bottom tube which contains 8 fl oz of product and is geared towards use for both men and women.  I do want to point out, make sure you don’t accidentally place something that’s heavier than the cream on top of it because – as with any squeeze bottom product, the top seal can separate (pop).  The product won’t seep out if it’s stood upright, but it’s something to keep in mind since I accidentally “popped” the top of mine. Price wise, I want to say these are $5.39 at Trader Joe’s.

The product is dispensed is an opaque white color and has a very nice scent.  It’s a honey mango scent, but it’s definitely in no way over powering – which I can see why it would be geared towards both men and women.  I do not find it leaves a lingering scent on the skin but it definitely leaves my skin feeling moisturized.  It contains aloe vera and vitamin E init – while it is also paraben free and 100% vegetarian.  I do want to point out that a little goes a long way.  This doesn’t lather up in your hands; it acts more as a lotion when you’re applying it in the shower. It’ll smooth over your legs, under arms, etc., and all you have to do is wet your razor (and your leg beforehand – obviously) and you’re good to go.

The item is available to purchase exclusively at Trader Joe’s locations in the (I’ll call it) “Health & Beauty” section.  I also spotted this for sale on Amazon in a 2-pack, but it’s way overpriced and I do not suggest purchasing it that way.

I think this is a fantastic shaving cream.  It’s moisturizing, paraben free, smells amazing and a little goes a long way.  It’s probably one of my most long lasting shaving creams I’ve purchased, since you really have control as to how much product you are getting out of the tube. With most shave creams, that come in pump or can form, you have to just hope what you pump into your hand is not too much (which in my case, always is).  But nonetheless I can’t say one bad thing about this shave cream – I simply love it!


Have you tried the Trader Joe’s Honey Mango moisturizing shave cream?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review: Viva by Fergie Eau de Parfum Spray

I purchased this Fergie perfume through Avon after smelling the scent on one of those “scratch and sniff” sort of pages in the catalog.  I went into knowing that the scents are not always true to what you smell in the book, but I found that the scent lingered on my skin for quite a while and that it appeared to be very attractive against my bodies’ chemistry.

I purchased the fragrance at an introductory $19.99 (I believe it is not $29.99 in recent catalogs).  The bottle itself holds 1.7 fl oz of product.  I am not the greatest at explaining scents, so the scent described in the catalog is as such: “A sexy contradiction of captivating cool herbs spiked with fresh lavender and intriguing vetiver.

The fragrance is packaged in a clear glass bottle, with a silver triangular accent down the middle along with a pull off top. The liquid is a pretty lavender shade, which does not transfer, it applies to the skin and clothing clear.

The scent itself is, at least on my skin, a long lasting one.  I spritz it on in the morning and I can smell it on me throughout the afternoon.  It’s a “stronger scent”, not overly bold, but it’s just beautifully balanced to showcase its presence and beautifulness.  There’s a bit of a “spicy” element to it, thanks to the herbs, which I very much like, while it’s also soft enough to let the floral scent be noticed.  It’s undoubtedly a unique, layered scent that I’ve grown to love very much.

Have you tried any of the Fergie perfumes sold through Avon?

Monday, April 22, 2013

ScentSationals & Better Homes Scented Wax Cubes Haul

This is a few week old Wal-Mart haul!  As we know, I am quite obsessed with scented wax cubes for my tart burners.  I cannot walk into a Wal-mart without popping by the candle section and seeing if they have any more new ScentSationals or Better Homes wax cubes on the shelf.  I literally do not need another wax cube, but I’m obsessed with amazing smelling things and since I have burners in 4 rooms in my house (3 stand-alone larger units and 1 wall plug-in unit).  I happen to like really crisp, clean smelling scents and these four really peaked my interest so of course they had to find a spot in my cart.  In case you are not aware, these retail for $2/ea and contain 6-wax cubes in each container.

The scents I picked up are as follows:

ScentSationals – Vanilla Woods
ScentSationals – Illusion
Better Homes – White Suede Driftwood
ScentSationals – Fireside

Do you like the ScentsSational and/or Better Homes wax cube scents?

Monday, April 8, 2013

BzzAgent Review: Lysol Touch of Foam

When I was invited to take part of the BzzAgent Lysol Touch of Foam BzzCampaign I have to say I was QUITE excited!

I happen to be obsessed with washing my hands.  It was something my mother grilled into me from an early age.  It's not truly an “obsession”, but if my hands feel dirty or if I've been touching things that aren't that clean (like in a dusty store, etc.) I feel "itchy" and have to wash my hands.  Because of this, my hands have gotten quite beaten up over the last year.  I work with a lot of paper at work and that mixed with the constant washing of my hands and the colder environment has truly wrecked my hands.  I have been looking for a soap that would not tear my hands apart or just further accentuate the roughness of my hands and I'm pretty sure I found my new holy grail.

From the first time I used this soap I have been hooked.  I’ve been looking for a soap that would not dry out my skin and this one does not do that.  It actually hydrates and leaves my skin feeling moisturized and as if I’ve just applied layers of lotion.  It also leaves a very gorgeous scent on my skin which lingers for a while.  It’s very soft and subtle, so it’s definitely not something that someone would smell on you from across the room.  It just makes me feel clean and fresh.  It definitely tones down the roughness on my hands, particularly where my skin is “cracking” due to my skin being beat up so much.  Completely fabulous!

I can’t rave about this hand soap any more … I need to stock up when it goes on sale.

<img src="https://img.bzzagent.com/image/lysolFoam.jpg?Type=activity&Activity=6892916909&Campaign=5870103448&Uid=1278590&token=ad47c8f546c755082282fc58b9c5a3c0" alt=""/>