Saturday, June 2, 2012

Received my BzzAgent Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Campaign!

I actually received this probably two weeks ago, but I just plugged my camera in and saw these photos on there and decided I ought to get around to posting it!

Being a BzzAgent I get invited into various campaigns that match 1) my tastes (which are found based on answers to surveys) and 2) my demographic (age, sex, location, etc).  I was invited into this Dr Scholl's campaign and was looking forward to it.  I don't wear heels often, but when I do my feet tend to bother me terribly.  I have plantar fasciitis AND bone spurs so the two together can be quite a pain in the behind.  My feet tend to start to hurt and if the bone spurs are aggravated enough walking is quite painful for a few days.  I have this one pair of heels that I can't even take a STEP in without wanting to just throw myself on the floor and wave a white flag (the angle of the show just aggravates my bone spurs to the extent it's just excruciating).  Those might be a good pair of shoes to test these in...

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