Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rite Aid Haul & Mini Review

I popped into Rite Aid on my birthday and decided to buy myself two little birthday gifts.  I really went in there because I'm subscribed to get Rite Aid e-mails because I have a Rewards card.  I was e-mailed a $2 off any Essie polish coupon AND then I was e-mailed a $2 off any Magnetix nail polish.  Since I had really wanted to try a magnetic nail polish and I cannot for the life of me find them in Walgreens, I headed to Rite Aid where I knew would have them.  I snagged the Magnetic polish that I felt was the most gorgeous, "summer" appropriate shade and then headed back to the Essie section and simply picked this nail polish due to the name.  It's a little joke I have since I'm half Jamaican that when nail polishes state "Jamaica Me Crazy" (that's what they usually are named LOL) I buy them.  This one is a gorgeous shade, but it's very similar to the Pure Ice shade I purchased, although that one doesn't have shimmers in it as the Essie does.  ANYWAY!  The two items I purchased were:

Essie - Jamaica Me Crazy
Magnetix Nail Polish in the Pink/Purple shade (they don't have names)

Now onto my quick little review portion -- I removed my nail polish tonight with my heart set on using my Magnetix polish.  I put my base coat on and painted my nails (one by one, following the directions and then applying the magnet as close to the nail w/o touching for 15 seconds).  I actually went a little more than 15 seconds because I felt it wasn't enough time.  Granted, this is the first time I have used a magnetic polish.  But when I removed the magnet only two nails got any sort of "alteration" on it and sadly, it was only one line instead of multiple. It was noticeable in a photo I took, but not terribly noticeable just looking at it.  I tried both magnets, at different angles on different fingers and my ring and pinky finger didn't get any change to the polish with the magnets.  Needless to say, I'm not really impressed.  I love the polish shade, but I can find another like it elsewhere ... so this will be going back to Rite Aid.  Anyone else try the MagnetiX polishes and find them to be less than stellar?

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