Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Target Hauling is just oh so easy

This here is just a number of the products I had picked up at Target on two separate trips (back to back, mind you -- I have a horrible illness). I have been on a total body wash and shampoo kick as of late -- trying different products, seeing what I like and what I don't. So in that mode (of crazinesss) I picked up a number of personal care items at Target. I have been wanting the Aveeno peach ginger body wash but I straight up REFUSE to pay nearly $6 for a bottle of body wash. Nope, not going to happen, regardless of how obsessed I am with the smell. So what do I do? Obsessively smell all the body washes in the body wash aisle to try to find one that's similar (I'm telling you, I have an ILLNESS!!). I ended up picking up a Target brand and a body wash by Tone. Both are similar to one another in certain ways, but different and they're not a dead ringer for the Aveeno, but they are along the same notes -- but the Aveeno smells like heaven in a bottle. I then grabbed a 2 pack of the Dove Gentle Exfoliating bars because I had read on LUUUX a few times that it's great to wash your face with. I had just thrown out my face exfoliating brush and picked another up and wanted something to use with it. Then I've been on this kick about trying to find products that are going to help promote 1) volume or 2) lengthening. My hair grows oh so slowly and cutting it up to my chin many moons ago, my hair is finally shoulder level. I considered picking up that Mane & Tail shampoo but I just can't do it since it's sold in the pet department. Subconsciously that bothers me but many people claim it does lengthen their hair ... so maybe one day ... but just not right now. So because of that I picked up some Garnier Lengthening & Strengthening shampoo. I had a $1 off manufacturer coupon so it brought the price down under $3 & it was a large sized bottle. And I grabbed 2 things of mints off the clearance shelf. My boyfriend smokes cigarettes and I'm obsessed with having him eat mints and I tend to eat them while I'm annoyed in traffic (keeps my mouth busy so I don't yell at people HAHA).

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