Monday, October 1, 2012

Shannon’s Random Beauty Walmart Haul!

This is my haul from two weeks ago.  I popped into Walmart after running a slew of errands and did some random shopping.  I originally went into Walmart to get some B12 and Biotin and of course I can’t just go to one section and leave – I have to look around.  Otherwise, there’d be absolutely no use to go in ANY store.  At least in my book.  Honestly, I really wish someone would hire me full time as their personal shopper because that would be marvelous.

Here’s what I picked up:

-          Large Facial Cleansing Pads (Cotton rounds) – I know I could have gotten the smaller version at the dollar store, but I wanted the larger ones for now.
-          B12. This just helps me stay alert.  For a very long time I was really tired all the time and my doctor found my B12 was slightly low so she told me to take a B12 supplement and it really does help.
-          Biotin 1000mcg. Before I started taking these I was taking Gelatin for my nails but switched to Biotin to see if I could have some change in my hair and my skin.  I have noticed my nails are growing at an increased rate and are really strong.  My hair does feel slightly thicker, but I need to give that department a little more time before I say yay or nay.
-          Suction cup soap dish.  This is really crap. I bought it to put my Lush soaps on, I stuck it on the wall, walked out of the bathroom and 2 minutes later heard CRASH and my Lush soap was smashed into bits.  Fabulousness!
-          Goody Quikstyle hairbrush. I had seen Krystal feature a post about this and started peeking down random stores hair care aisles so I could get myself one.  I found them at CVS but they were a little under $14, so when I found it at Walmart I want to say it was $11.
-          Onyx Professionals 3-2-1 Dry nail polish drying spray. One thing I dislike about painting my nails is waiting the time it takes to dry.  So I purchased this.  That is BEFORE I saw a Yahoo Beauty feature saying you can dip your painted nails (air dried by 2 minutes) into really cold water and the water will “freeze” the polish on your nails.  You then pat your skin dry.

So there you have it, my Walmart haul!

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