Monday, October 8, 2012

Quick Little Walmart Haul!

This here is my quick, little Walmart haul.  An unsuspected one at that because I went in looking for liquid foundation and ended up not finding it, but of course I found a few other goodies!  The same lipstick is priced at $8.99 (plus tax) at CVS and because this is part of the permanent line it's only $5.50 at Walmart.  Craziness!  I really like brown shades because they show up nicely on my lips, but I tend to reserve those for later in the year because they are darker.  This is a few shades darker than my natural lip, but it looks very nice.  I then got some Vitamin C gummies because I've tried taking Vitamin C pills and they have this horrendous smell AND taste that I just can't do it.  So I figured gummies would be the best bet for now.

Here's what I picked up:

- Maybelline Volum'Express mascara in Blackest Black
- Maybelline lipstick in #315 Broadway Bronze
- Vitamin C Gummies

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