Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shannon's Combined Beauty Essentials Haul

This is my combined haul from three separate stores -- Walmart, KMart and Big Lots.  I attended a trade show nearly two weeks ago and tried out this Dial lotion there and instantly fell in love.  My hands have been shot for the past 6-months (we have hard water at work, plus I work with a lot of paper, etc.).  It smelled fabulous and instantly hydrated my hands.  One thing I liked was that it went on smoothly, like water, and left no greasy residue.  I immediately went on a hunt to different stores to find it -- couldn't find it anywhere and when I nearly spent $12 for it on Amazon I checked Walmarts website and saw it was sold there!  The other two items are a product of walking around the store and seeing things.  Lately, my body chemistry has been changing, where my body is straight up rejecting some deodorants (I honestly think I've been using some brands too long) so I've been finding clinical strength deodorant has been doing the trick.  I then saw the body wipes in the check-out line at Kmart and grabbed them because when I go for a walk at work and come back, I sometimes wouldn't mind wiping down my arms or back after a vigorous walk - so yay for body wipes!

Here's what I picked up:

-Dial NutriSkin Replenishing Lotion - Shea
-Degree Clinical Protection Deodorant
-Playtex Sport Body Wipes - Travel Size

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