Friday, October 26, 2012

Shannon's Amazon Haul: Skin MD

This was a haul which was triggered by MakeupbyTiffany on YouTube.  She had been talking about this moisturizing lotion which could be used on hand, face and body.  The fact that she said it worked so well is what triggered me to purchase.  During the winter and occasionally during the summer the backs of my hands get terribly chapped due to the weather.  Lately I've been having issues with my fingers so I figured that could help -- while this could also work on my face when I get into an intense routine of my Retin-A which tends to make my skin flake and somewhat dry in certain areas.  I went on the SkinMD website and noticed it stated they sold the product at CVS -- so I called the few CVS' around me after going to two of them and found no one really carried it -- not even the one CVS the companies website listed.  I then looked it up on Amazon and purchased it that way -- while it was also cheaper to purchase on Amazon than it was direct.

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