Saturday, October 13, 2012

Big Lots haul!

I popped into Big Lots last week to get some water flavoring packets and of course picked up a few things up.  Browsing the beauty aisle I grabbed the Green Tea cleansing towels that I have seen time and time again but just have never purchased.  I have used these since purchasing and I can say these are pretty stand-up wipes.  I don't usually like face wipes because they tend to leave a "film" on my face, where I feel I have to go and splash water on it, but with these it feels very soft and clean.  As I use them more I'll get a true feeling for how much I like them.  I then grabbed a hair drying cap because I thought it was the wraps -- but I was wrong.  This is literally a cap, that you put your hair in after you've squeezed the water out into a towel and it absorbs excess water.  It's not what I expected it to be and I wished I didn't purchase it because it's just an extra (unnecessary) step.  I then grabbed a mock-Rocawear cologne for my boyfriend.  He drives me crazy leaving the expensive cologne I buy him in the car (he's a smoker) so I told him bring the expensive cologne in the house and if you want to smell decent for strangers, spray on this stuff LOL.  I did smell it before I purchased it, and it does smell pretty good so it's okay in my book.  I then grabbed a Maybelline lipstick in Must Have Mauve (which I think is still in stores?) for $3.  The color wears a lot brighter on my lips than it is when you wipe it off onto a tissue.  Hmph.

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