Friday, October 12, 2012

Haul: Garnier Skin Renew

I picked up a tube of Garnier Skin Renew at CVS last weekend to try out on my face.  I've been super annoyed with my skin lately and since I'm waiting to see my dermatologist (hopefully this week) I'll have some better advise as to how to move forward.

I originally went into CVS looking for the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Eventone Dark Spot Corrector BUT I've been highly unsuccessful in locating that anywhere.  Since I couldn't find the Palmer's I went in search of the new Olay CC Cream BUT CVS didn't have that either.  So that left me meandering through the skincare aisle aimlessly and I stumbled upon the Garnier section.  I noticed the Dark Spot Corrector so I pulled it off the shelf.  I went back and fourth as to if I should get it or not and I finally decided what the heck, it won't hurt to try it.  This was $17.99 and I was able to get $2 off using one of the coupons taped up near the product.  They also have an overnight peel, but since I do use Retin-A I figured that may be doing more unnecessary things to my face and/or it may just have a huge couter-reaction to my Retin-A and cause me even more skin troubles.  Anyway, I haven't noticed any results as of yet, but then again it's only been a handful of days.  But one thing I do notice is if I don't use a toner on my face before applying this, I get SUPER shiny and oily and just gross within a few hours.  If I use a toner underneath this and then apply a moisturizer over this, it's not terrible and I don't notice the oil.  But as I use it more, I'll be able to pinpoint certain things and hopefully (fingers crossed) see some results.

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