Saturday, October 27, 2012

My $40 Mistake -- JustFab Law Handbag

This is what happens when you purchase things online without reading fine print and/or reading e-mails that are sent to you and simply deleting them.  I wasn't aware I had to opt out of the month last month for JustFab so when I noticed a $40 charge on my credit card I called to inquire and was advised I had until the 5th of that month to cancel and since I didn't cancel in time -- basically tough .... yeah, you can finish the rest of that sentence.

So I had a credit on my account for almost two weeks and I kept going back and fourth in the shop.  I don't typically purchase shoes online because I have large feet which run wider and I have a heck of a time finding a pair of shoes that are comfortable enough to wear all day without limping around and/or having o take them off immediately.  I am a handbag lover so I'd been staking out the selection and decided I was going to go ahead and just order the Law bag in black for myself.  I had looked up reviews online and everyone said the same thing -- sturdy bag, adorable and GIGANTIC.  I love a big handbag.  I carry a lot with me so to have a bag with a little more room to allow for all the stuff I carry, it's a blessing in disguise -- while also a curse once things start to get too heavy.

The bag itself is quite adorable.  It's a black almost "puckered" pattern which repeats itself all over the bag.  It has a golden locket on the front with an adjustable removable shoulder strap which was stashed away inside the handbag for traveling.

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