Sunday, October 14, 2012

My First Lush Haul!

I’ve been into Lush a few times in the past but have never purchased anything from the store.  One time I went in there, tried out this hand cleansing/exfoliating system and when I told the girl I’d love to buy it and was informed the full set was $90 I quickly ran out of the store (well, not quickly, I told her no thank you and left).  So what got me back into Lush this time?  My hands.  We have hard water at work and I’m constantly washing my hands, which is drying them out beyond belief.  On top of that I deal with paperwork all day long which is also helping in drying them out. Regardless of how much lotion I’m using it’s not doing anything for them, particularly a few of my fingertips. I’ve been buying different lotions, etc., and they help for the time being but they haven’t truly been curing the underlying problem – just masking it for the time being.  Of course when I got into Lush I explained my hand scenario and we started off by testing out two different products on two different hands, followed by the lotion, etc.  Then while talking, I started babbling about my skin (face) and we dove into products for that.  Needless to say, before I knew it, I had a boatload of products to purchase and was asking to pick up a few extra that I had seen talked about in YouTube videos. I spent  a lot more than I anticipated, but so far I am really enjoying some of the stuff I’ve purchased – particularly my face mask, soap [both face and body], toner and hand lotion (minus the scent).  I do love the toner and I find it’s really helping with the oiliness of my face – and I’d like to test this against the Body Shops tea tree toner (since it is cheaper, just not in a neat spray bottle).  I realize Lush is really pricy in their stuff, but if you find something that’s working for you, there’s always a price that comes with beauty.

Here’s a break down of what I picked up:
-          Helping Hands hand cream
-          Cupcake face mask
-          Fresh Farmacy Face Soap
-          Honey I Washed the Kids soap
-          Putty For Your Hands
-          Tea Tree Toner Water
-          Toothy Tabs in Dirty (Spearmint flavor)

I also got some samples, for myself and for my boyfriend to try out (which he hasn’t because he says it’s “makeup” LOLOL!!):
-          Imperialis Facial Moisturizer
-          Ocean Salt face & body scrub (x 2)
-          Grease Lightening
-          Cosmetic Lad

I will be doing a review on the Cupcake face mask at some point.

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