Saturday, August 25, 2012

SPOTTED: Sinful Colors Hot Flash Metallics Collection

 On my way into Walgreen’s to get a bottle of soda I of course breezed past the beauty section.  Typically when I’m just browsing I only check the first 3 little subsections at the front of my store and then anything on/near the check-out counter in the beauty section.  There was nothing really eye catching on the first little 3-rowed section at the front, but there was a display near the beauty check-out counter that immediately caught my eye.  I first picked up 2 shades and put them back telling myself I did not need them (self control – hoorah! Although … I did go back 2 days later to get them). So I took out my phone and snapped a few photos of it because they are just gorgeous, gorgeous colors and I haven’t seen them discussed on any beauty blogger site that I tend to browse through on occasion.

Metallic polishes have been popping up on the market as they are seemingly the “it” thing in the polish world.  Essie has the most notable collection of metallic polishes which I think can pretty much be found anywhere now (for a while they weren’t in my local area but now they are all over the place).  From what I understand with the Sinful Colors polishes is all Walgreens do not have the displays up yet.  I’ve been to three separate Walgreen’s over the past week and have spotted the display in 2 of them; the other did not have it out.  The first Walgreen’s I went to had it out for at least a few days because it had some purchases off it.  The store I went to today was fully-stocked and looked like it was just put out this morning.  Anyway!

The display contains 8 nail polishes.  One of which I wouldn’t say is metallic (the red) but who am I to judge?  There are 2 colors which are very similar to one another (Zincing of You and Super Nova) which are literally a few shades lighter/darker from one another and the blues (Precious Metal and Hot Wired).  One is a brighter blue shade and the other is a darker which is a black based blue.  But I will say ALL are gorgeous.  The shades in this collection are as follows:

-    Precious Metal
-    Zincing of You
-    Hot Wired
-    Moss Have
-    Heavy Metal
-    Super Nova
-    Gone Platinum
-    Hot Hot Heat

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  1. I've swatched them all. Super Nova and Zincing of you *are* very similar, but Precious Metal and Hot Wired are miles apart.