Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Little Lunch Time Hauling!

I had to run an errand yesterday during lunch time (actually I had to return a salad I picked up at the grocery store because it was NOT good when I went to eat it at lunch).  Since I was going to end up just end up eating lunch at my desk I figured I'd run one more errand so I popped into Dollar Tree which is in the same parking lot as the grocery store.  I meandered around not really finding anything until I got to the hair accessories aisle.  I was surprised to see Goody brand hair ties and jaw clips.  I think it was Wendy who posted about Goody hair ties at Dollar Tree but the stores local to me do not usually carry Goody (outside of little kid headbands).  So I picked up a pack of two different shades.  I go through hair ties like water especially when I'm in a stage where I'm tieing my hair back a lot (which I am currently in).  Then again for $1 you can't go wrong since these can get pretty pricy even at Walmart.  The other item I picked up was a duo pack of Goody jaw clips.  These are the nice ones that I like because they tend to keep ALL my hair up, so I was happy to score these.  Not bad for $3 on lunch!

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