Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another Scented Wax Cube Haul -- I admit I have a problem...

I've taken the first step -- I've admitted I have a problem.  And I realize full and well that I keep buying these scented wax cubes even though I DON'T NEED anymore!  But I keep finding myself in Wal-Mart and for some reason Wal-Mart tends to have new shipments of these cubes in while I am there.  Truthfully, it's starting to overtake me (haha).  My boyfriend was looking at a 3-tier bookcase and I was in the aisle behind the aisle he was in smelling wax cubes.  Great give and take, right?  When he was ready to go, I was sticking these scents under his nose inquiring his thoughts (since we do live together, he will undoubtedly have to live with the smell -- thoughtful, right!?).  Since it was nearing closing time (they were literally paging to bring items up front or be locked inside forever -- okay so the last part is a stretch) I decided to stick with the 3 I had in my hands because these were a splurge purchase.  The 3 fragrances I picked up are as follows:

Better Homes:
- Sugared Melon Kiwi
- Enchanted Evening Walk

- Date Night

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