Sunday, August 19, 2012

Single item Avon Haul - Silicone Glove

A few weeks ago I scanned the Avon campaign booklet and didn't see much of anything that caught my eye outside of a new bottle of lotion.  Since it was a premier in the campaign they were offering it for 99 cents for a 3.5 oz bottle of lotion.  Since I am a bit of a lotion lover (aka hoarder) I decided for a dollar I couldn't go wrong.  Plus I'd be annoyed if I heard fabulous things about it and then had to buy it for full price (which I want to say is $4-5).

I have dry skin on my hands, especially in the winter -- but now that I deal with paperwork Monday-Friday at work my hands are becoming more and more beat up, especially around my fingers.  I've been looking to find a lotion to aid in repairing it so I have hopes for this.  I have an older Avon lotion which is actually like an exfoliate where after you rub your hands together it literally beads your dead skin cells right off your hands/arms.  It's quite amazing.  I just got this bottle of lotion today so I haven't given it a shot yet but once I do I will write up a review.

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