Sunday, August 19, 2012

Haul: Skechers Bikers Vamped Womens Clogs Sneakers

I went to JC Penney this weekend to look for a new pair of earrings and I ended up in the shoe department because I walked by a display that said "Clearance $10." Of course that sucked me in immediately and I was browsing the 6 rows of clearanced shoes. Unfortunately JC Penney doesn't usually carry very many shoes for myself since I do have a large foot (size 11-12 dependent upon the shoe). As I got to the last shelf, I noticed a size 11 so I picked up the box and saw it was a pair of Skechers which were the backless slip on sneaker. I tried them on and they fit -- I would prefer them a half size larger just for room/comfort but they fit nicely. The girl that was working in the shoe department said she had a few pair because they are so comfortable. Since I have issues with my feet, I tend to try to wear sneakers as much as possible because they are the most comfortable. Sneakers are not always the most business forward type of wear so I figured having a pair that were thinner and less "look at me I'm wearing sneakers!" (as my Nike's scream lol) that they'd be more business appropriate. I've never work Skechers before -- I tend to be a Nike girl, so fingers crossed these do well on my feet.

If you are interested in this particular pair, they are the Skechers Bikers Vamped Womens Clogs Sneakers, Style: Natural. I got these for $24 on clearance at JC Penney's which is less than half (I want to say it was a 70% discount) because the price for these online without a sale are around $60.

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