Thursday, August 30, 2012

What’s in my purse – Beauty Edition

I tore my handbag apart yesterday afternoon in search of a nail clipper (that I could not find).  I quickly realized how much STUFF I carry around with me on a daily basis just because my purse is a black hole and holds everything but the kitchen sink.  No wonder my shoulder starts to hurt after lugging my bag around for a while.  I sometimes have more this depending upon the situation, but nonetheless this is what I carry around with me daily – minus a stick of deodorant which I forgot to picture.  Yes, I carry deodorant with me … that’s not weird, is it?  I admit I only use 4-5 of these things regularly, other than that they are just taking up space and helping make my right arm stronger than my left.

Here’s all that I carry around:

Olay – Wet Cleansing Clothes
Neosporin To Go Anti-Bacterial Spray
Vitamin Water lip gloss
Blistex – Lip MedEx
Udderly Smooth lotion
EOS Cucumber Melon lotion
Walgreen’s brand SPF 55
Avon – Silicone Glove lotion
Elf – Berry Blush lip gloss
Maybelline Baby Lips – Peach kiss
Atomizer filled with Fancy by Jessica Simpson

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