Tuesday, July 31, 2012

REVIEW: BIC Soleil Savvy

I received this razor from BzzAgent as part of their BIC Soleil Savvy razor BzzCampaign. I admit I was excited to be part of this campaign because I love trying out new razors especially if I can try them out for free. I have sensitive skin when it comes to shaving there are some razors I just straight don’t use anymore because they irritate my skin so much. I had high hopes for this particular brand of razors because I absolutely LOVE the BIC Soleil Bella’s – I’ve had a lot of good luck with that particular razor – both in the shave and in the longevity of the razor blades themselves.

Now fast forward to the BIC Soleil Savvy that I received. BIC actually stepped up their game with this design making the razor heads interchangeable. Meaning once the blade goes dull, you can simply click the holder, release the blade, throw it away and add on the new replacement blade. I do think this is a cool feature because it’s less waste (i.e., you are not throwing away the entire razor when the blade is dulled). BUT I do not like that this does not really mold to your skin as you shave. It just kind of stays put and you have to really manipulate your hand to get a close and decent shave.

Oddities aside I can say hands down I do not like this razor. As I mentioned I have sensitive skin and I can say SUPER sensitive skin under my arms. I used this to quickly shave my legs and it was fine – I can really use almost any razor on my legs and have an okay result (razor burn aside), but with my under arms? I really need to find a razor that works and stick with it. I tried this under my arms and it just flat out HURT. It was pulling the hair, didn’t give me a clean close shave, and it left me rather patchy with stubble. I’m not saying everyone would have these results – but my under arms hurt afterwards to the point I had to wait almost two days before I could finish up my under arms because applying deodorant even stung. Yeah – sensitive for sure.

<img src="http://img.bzzagent.com/image/bicSoleil.jpg?Type=activity&Activity=0255129975&Campaign=5138617452&Uid=1278590&token=fdaf12293dd2b6e5bb492c6bfecb2dd8" alt=""/>

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