Friday, July 6, 2012

Haul: Adrina Flats!

I absolutely fell in love with these shoes when I saw them online and I had been going back and fourth with myself for two weeks telling myself I didn't need them. But each night I found myself back on the Crocs website putting the same shoes in my online cart and then talking myself out of it and closing out of the page. Yes, you read that right -- these gorgeous fun shoes are Crocs! They are the Adrina Flats which are just the most comfortable, adorable shoes I have ever rest my eyes on and put my feet in.

I purchased these in the color black/black but in reality it's a rather char-coaled type of black, it's not a vibrant deep black shade. When you put them on your feet they look like a light black color. They fit true to size, perhaps they run a tad big, but you really have to follow the Crocs size structure because since their shoes are made from rubber you have to go either a size up or a size down in their shoes to find your proper size.

The base of the shoe is thick enough to support the bottom of your foot while walking. The sides are a very thin, pliable cut out material with a peep toe. Soooo adorable and soooo comfortable! I really want to order the brown pair. Sigh. I'm obsessed. These are $39.99 on the website, but I was able to use a 10% off coupon code from customer service (since I could not get the Facebook and Twitter $4 off to work). Plus on the day (the morning before Father's Day) I was able to get free shipping! Hooray!

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