Sunday, July 15, 2012

90 CENT Amazon Haul - Replacement Battery & Screen Protectors!

I'd been complaining about my cell phone dying out after less than 10 minutes of use (particularly if using an app) and was getting ready to just take the plunge and buy a new phone (which would mean another 2-year contract).  My contract ran out at the end of last year and I find after 2-years my phones tend to start to act up.  Whether that's something cell phone companies do or just the general wear and tare on the cell phone itself and/or battery -- who knows.  But every time I get a new phone it costs me at LEAST $350 including the phone, the car charger, the case, etc.  I'm trying to pay off some of my bills at the moment so buying a new phone is not something I really want to do.  Anyway!

After my boyfriend heard me complaining about my phone, he asked me why didn't I just buy a new battery.  A new battery?  I had never thought of that.  I knew batteries thru my cell phone carrier could be up to $50 so I decided to do some research online.  I found the same battery for my phone, brand new being sold on Amazon for $5.20.  I did some researching on the company and from what I found out the batteries are new, but are 6-months old.  A new battery for $5.20 and no one has sent a negative review to say their batteries didn't work?  Sign me up!  I added the battery to my Amazon cart and thru the distributor it was free shipping -- so no need for a $25 minimum.

I then started looking for screen protectors and found a pack of 3 for 70 cents with free shipping -- so into my cart they went as well!

Now how did I spent 90 cents on both of these?  Well, I had a $5 Amazon gift card from Swagbucks, so I dropped that into the payment section and was left with a 90 cent balance.  SCORE!!

Both of my items arrived unharmed and so far the battery has been fantastic.  My phone isn't dying in 10 minute increments anymore -- so we'll see what happens after a few weeks of use.

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