Saturday, July 14, 2012 Croc's Haul!

Toward the end of June I received an e-mail from about a Special members only 2-day sale. I frequently get these e-mails on sales thru Shoebuy but since I had never purchased with them before (I signed up to look at their inventory many moons ago when I received a free $10 coupon off your purchase and never went further than browsing). When I saw the mention of Crocs I logged in and checked out the same which ran for 2 full days. Immediately I saw a pair that I wanted for myself and that I had seen in store but they had never carried my size. I knew my boyfriend wanted a pair of Classics since he basically stole my pair (they are the unisex classics in black) and I have to ask him all the time "Where are my Crocs?" since I don't walk around barefoot. Yes, oddity, but my feet are super sensitive. Anyway! And since my niece was turning 3 I decided to order her a new pair since she outgrew the pair I last bought her. She loved them because she could wear them in the water, out and about, etc. I got her a cute little black pair and (THANKFULLY) the order came in 2 days before her birthday party so I was able to include it in her gift bag. When she saw the shoes she gasped and went "THANK YOU AUNTIE!!" haha! I love her.
I realize thru researching Shoebuy online they have a somewhat middle of the road reputation -- generally a negative one when it comes to returning. So to make sure I didn't have to return, I only bought what I knew would be the sizes I needed. My order shipped right from Crocs warehouse with the Shoebuy paperwork in it. All the items I purchased were at least 50% off suggested retail AND shipping was 98 cents or something outrageous like that.

So this is what I picked up:
- Women's Crocs Cleo II in Black. Paid $15 Sadly these squeeze the heck out of my pinky toe. But my pinky toe is a problem in any shoe I wear -- I do know once I get these to stretch to my feet they'll be fine though.
- Infants' Crocs Shayna in Black. Paid $12.50
- Crocs Classic in Chocolate. Paid $15

So there you have it, my purchase and mini-review of sorts.

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