Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Summer BBQ Cravebox

During the month of July, Cravebox put together what they coined “The Summer BBQ Cravebox” for their subscribers.  Firstly, if you are not familiar with Cravebox – it is a monthly subscription ($10/mo) for subscribers to receive a box of goodies which are generally geared toward health/beauty and food related items.  Yes, it’s similar to Birchbox, etc., but this one is linked in with food and health items.  So more of a lifestyle box.

Originally this was going to be a special edition Cravebox, which mean you would have to sign up fro it in advance and they would mail it to the select number of cravers who signed up before they were gone.  According to the Cravebox President, because this box was so great they made it their July box so all would enjoy it.  Considering it’s July, BBQ’s are typically going in full-force they wanted to share the wealth with all.  I will say this box is geared more towards BBQ seasoning and less towards food/health & beauty.  There was not a single beauty item in this box this month – but nonetheless for the $10 spent, I definitely got my moneys worth – particularly with the flame disk, the True Lemon box and the coupon for the free lighter.

This time around my monthly Cravebox consisted of:

-          BIC Flame Disk
-          Coupon for a FREE Bic Multi-Purpose Lighter
-          Mighty Leaf Sunburst Green Iced Tea w/ coupon
-          True Lemon Original Lemonade to-go packets
-          Mozaik appetizer trays w/ forks

The one food item that I had been really wanting to try for a long time has been the True Lemon.  I’ve seen it advertised years back, but since at that point in time it was only sold on their website I never purchased.  It’s now sold at my local grocery store – but I’m looking forward to trying.

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