Friday, July 6, 2012

79 CENT Sinful Colors Nail Polish Haul!

This is a LONG overdue haul. I went shopping at a local discount store, where they tend to get close-out items, etc. This day, I hit the mother load with Sinful Color nail polishes which they tend to not even carry. Well, in all actuality, they tend to not carry any beauty related items outside of shampoos and face washes. This day they had nail polishes from Sinful Colors in a variety of shades (I just about picked up every shade I did now own) and the best part? They were ALL 79 cents each!

The shades I picked up are as follows:

* Hazard - a bright orange/coral/salmon shade
* Timbleberry - a bright coral shade which leans to the pinker side of the spectrum
* Glass Pink - a soft girly pink
* Snow Me White - an opaque white
* Secret Admirer - a charcoal black with silver glitter
* Blue By You - a deep royal blue with a teal'ish glitter in it
* Forget Now - a deep pink shade
* Savage - a bright blue, near teal shade
* Bikini - a bright, near neon pink

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