Saturday, September 1, 2012

My first Shop Lately Haul!

I blame this initial purchase on boredom.  I was surfing the web one day and somehow stumbled upon the Shop Lately website just because I was looking for a q-ray bracelet.  Not sure how q-ray and shop lately intertwined but they did and off and running I went.  I started browsing through the website for what felt like forever and ended up with a few items that I thought were totally adorable and that I had to have.  Now I’m not much of a bracelet wearer in general.  I don’t know – I put them on but then take them on to go to sleep and if I’m rushing in the morning (which is usually the case) I tend to forget to put them back on.  But I saw this bracelet that was similar to a q-ray (without the magnetic piece inside of it) but it was adorable and I HAD to have it especially since it was a gold color.  Then the shopping bug bit and into the cart went more and more items.  I then found a coupon code on retailmenot where I got $5 off my $30 purchase so I threw the heart/key bracelet in and got it for like $2 after the savings.

So here’s what I picked up:
-          Cut the Cable Spike Cuff in Antique Silver (you can purchase it here:
-          Love Unlocked Bracelet in white (you can purchase it here:
-          Cool Crossing Bracelet in blue (you can purchase it here:
-          Cut the Cable Spike Cuff in Gold (you can purchase it here:

If you have not purchased anything on Shop Lately I suggest you take a look at the website.  They offer such cute things for great prices and the greatest thing is they have items which go on sale every day (the sales last for 3-days).  After your first purchase you get a $5 credit for future orders which is fabulous.  Also if you’re buying something and it’s over $30 look up the coupon code on retailmenot – but do take note you can only use it once.

Also I would hope if you’re going to purchase anything shown above and you do not have an account, you would do so thru my referral link: .

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