Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another Shop Lately Arm Candy Haul!

I should not be allowed to receive deal e-mails from ANY company because a deal means “Oh!! Must buy!” in my mind. This always leads to my bank account being a little bruised because I can be a rather impulsive shopper. My new obsession has been Shop Lately. I’ve never been much of a jewelry fan outside of gold (real gold) earrings but I’ve been bitten by the cute bracelet bug and off and purchasing I’ve gone. Then the last few months I’ve been considering getting myself a watch, especially because when at work when I’m walking around I have no idea what time it is unless I am carrying my cell phone with me. So to avoid that, I found a pretty watch on Shop Lately on sale so I purchased it. Upon receipt I will say it’s a stunning watch, but it’s big so I have to take some of the pins out to adjust it to my wrist size. I purchased 5 of the bracelets because they were adorable online and I wanted to get some extra as little gifts. It’s Christmas in August/September….

Here’s what I picked up:

- Glammed Gear Watch - Rose Gold (you can see it here:
- Everyday Cross Bracelet – Gold (you can see it here:

I would appreciate if you’re going to purchase anything shown above and you do not have an account, you would do so through my referral link: .


  1. Very cute! I've been eyeing a few things on that site!

    1. I look at it every day ... it's become a minor obsession. But they have some adorable things! I'm waiting on my last order (bought my BF a watch and my mother an evil eye bracelet for Christmas)