Sunday, September 2, 2012

Steal! $3.99 Raspberry Crocs!

I made an “emergency” trip to Kohl’s this afternoon because yesterday I had received an e-mail from Kohl’s alerting me that my Kohl’s cash was set to expire on Monday.  Well, we can’t have that!  So I made a trip to the store to see what I could find.  I hit up the shoe section first because I needed to get a larger size in the sneakers I picked up prior, I got a half size and needed to push it up to the full size.  But before I could get to the sneaker section, I made a b-line for the clearance shoe section.  The first thing I noticed was this bright/hot pink pair of sandals, I blinked and realized they were Crocs and grabbed them rather loudly proclaiming “Ohhh!!”  The greatest part is THEY WERE IN MY SIZE -- which is a complete shocker because finding a size 11 anywhere is pretty difficult.  I tried it on and they fit perfectly.  Crocs can run pretty narrow with some of their shoes and this was an 11W so it was perfect.  The only negative?  There was only one shoe there.  I scoured the entire area and could NOT find the second shoe.  I knew the possibilities of them selling one shoe to a peg legged pirate was pretty slim to none, so after going down and getting my sneakers I returned to the clearance section. Scrouching down on the floor I began looking thru boxes (I was determined to find that damn shoe whether I had to tear Kohl’s apart or not), when I pushed one box back, it wouldn’t budge and I realized something was behind it. Ta-da, the missing shoe!  I squealed and quickly ran away from the shoe section LOL.

The style I picked up is called Thea and the color is Raspberry.  The shoes themselves were originally $39.99, but on clearance for $13.99.  I had $10 Kohl’s cash, which dropped the price down to $3.99!  Not bad, not bad at all!  This is like the … er, maybe 8th pair of Crocs I own.  Yeah, I’m obsessed but I LOVE them and I think they’re adorable.  But to each our own J.

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