Monday, September 10, 2012

REVIEW: Montague Jeunesse Cucumber Peel-Off Masque

I had hauled this mask forever ago and finally got around to trying it. I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out considering as I opened it and applied it, I was at first a bit skeptical.

The Montague Jennesse Cucumber Peel-Off Masque comes in a thin 0.3 fl oz. foil pouch that you rip open to reveal and squeeze out the product. Since the product is in such a thin foil pouch there isn’t a whole lot of room this will take up. That is unless you had about 20 of them then they’d take up some space – but since they are so thin (compared to an envelope) you could tuck them into a basket and they’d be fine. The only downfall with foil pouches is you need to make sure your hands are completely dry before trying to open it. The price really varies, but you can get them on sale for 2 for $3 at Walgreen’s or generally if you are only buying one stores tend to charge you $1.99. Although you can get them for $1.37 at Walmart.

When I first opened the product I noticed the slight green coloring to the gel. As I started to apply it to my face (product applies relatively clear looking) I found the scent to be borderline offensive. But now when I say offensive let me explain – I HATE the smell of alcohol (rubbing alcohol). Something about it just instantly congests me and makes me feel as though I can’t breathe. So needless to say I was holding my breath for a moment until I got the product onto my face. I did not notice a cucumber scent, but honestly, the alcohol smell overwhelmed me and I couldn’t smell anything else. As the product was on my face it started to “burn” my skin just slightly, particularly around nose area. Not an uncomfortable burn, but a few waves of my hands near my face calmed that. I do use an acne regiment so I’m sure that was also in part of the burning. As the product starts to dry – roughly 5-10 minutes after application, it starts to show slightly rubbery on the face, while clear in others. You’ll notice it’s drying because your face will feel a bit tight. As you peel the masque off, it reveals your freshly, smooth skin.

You can purchase these at any Walgreen’s – but you cannot purchase these on Walgreen’s website. You can find these at CVS and you can also purchase these on CVS’s website BUT you cannot ship these by air service due to the alcohol in them and the regulations associated with shipping aerosols and/or alcohols. You can get these at Ulta stores and Walmart stores (they’re the cheapest as most things are at Walmart).

Minus the smell I will say this is a pretty stand up product. It made my face feel very smooth and refreshed. After a long day my face feels greasy since I have oily skin but after washing my face and applying this, it felt nice. It did not over dry my skin, didn’t even dry it, or cause too much moisture. I liked the end result and I will be repurchasing at some point!

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  1. I've tried this mask and it is my favourite ever! I have to agree, though, the smell is kind of disturbing, but I could really see the effects of this mask and that is why I will buy it again and again!