Saturday, September 22, 2012

Haulage: Tart Burners & Wax Fragrance Cubes

I went to Walmart today to pick up a few things and inadvertently spent my way through the entire store buying much more than anticipated.  I will admit I’ve had a plug-in burner on my buy list for a while and my local Walmart doesn’t carry them, but the much larger Walmart a few exits up on the highway does.  So I ended up going there today after going to zumba and Kohls’.  I was breezing past the fabric section to head to the candle section, when I noticed an array of fragrance cubes on this shelf.  So I zipped on over and spotted these SUPER ADORABLE limited edition was burners.  One was the stand-alone plug-in unit and since it was an owl and would go well in my bathroom I snagged it.  I then saw a full-sized burner so I picked that up as well – again in the owl design.  I have wanted another full size burner but some of the designs Better Homes and Scentsational has are rather … goddy for the lack of a better term.  These are nice sleek white porcelain so it goes nicely in my living room as well as in the bathroom.  No strong classes of d├ęcor .

Of course I also picked up a few more packs of was fragrance cubes.  The fall scents (they were more pumpkin and fire) but they all struck me to be overpowering and just not something I’d want to smell in my house.  And it’s not like I need anymore - my basket of fragrance cubes is over flowing.  But in my mind I said “I’m buying 2 more burners… so I’m going to need more fragrance.”  I’ve got a problem.

Here’s what I picked up:
-    Better Homes – Owl Scented Wax Warmer (large size) - $15
-    Better Homes – Owl Plug-in wax warmer - $12
-    ScentSationals – Faded Denim
-    Better Homes – Exotic Sandwood Musk
-    ScentSationals – Sunlit Meadows
-    ScentSationals – Calypso Sands

So there you have it, my Better Homes & ScentSational haul!

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