Tuesday, September 18, 2012

JustFab: Sorbet Handbag Haul!

I received a "We miss you!" e-mail from JustFab. I had signed up on their website shortly after they had become the "it" service but never purchased anything or really browsed the site. With the e-mail I received I was offered the opportunity to purchase a handbag for $19.95. I decided to purchase the Sorbet handbag because I told myself it was gorgeous (which it is) and that I needed a pink bag in my life. Of course my boyfriend told me I have a pink Coach bag hanging up on the door (oops...).

I like the bag, it's structured and due to the base it stands upright. It's a vibrant pink shade with gold accent hardware. It's the perfect size and has a number of compartments inside the bag. The part I love is that it has a removable shoulder strap. I will be making use of that especially on days where I'm running a ton of errands (particularly shopping) and I don't want to lug EVERYTHING in my arms.

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