Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shop Lately Gift Haul!

After making two purchases with Shop Lately I instantly became addicted to the website.  The daily deal e-mails are really a bad thing because I have to talk myself OUT of clicking on them and buying an abundance of things.  This day I received the e-mail, clicked on it and found 2 perfect gifts -- one for my mother and the other for my boyfriend.  I was surprised that Shop Lately actually sold men’s items, but it happened to be on this particular day they had men’s watches available.  I had been looking for a watch for my boyfriend and figured since this was nice looking online and the watch I purchased for myself prior was great quality that I’d get this one for him.  Turns out it is fabulous quality as well.  I’ll be giving it to him with the other items I got him for his birthday next month.  Now whereas with the bracelet it was just a random find on their website, which was too good to be true so I purchased right away.  The bracelet is in not only my mother’s favorite color, but also has a theme she loves (evil eyes).  My mom is half Greek and is ALL about the evil eye.  The bracelet is so cute; I almost wish I purchased the black thread version for myself.  I was able to save $5 off with the credit provided to my account after my initial 2 orders (for some reason I wasn’t awarded it right away) and shipping was a flat $2.99 (part of the reason why I LOVE the site! I hate paying shipping).

Here’s what I purchased (I cannot provide links to them as they are no longer available):

Toughen Up Men's Watch – Silver
Eye Opening Evil Eye Cord Bracelet – Red

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