Wednesday, September 26, 2012

$4/ea OPI Nail Polish Haul


I had gone to the mall with no intentions to be purchasing nail polish.  But I made the mistake of entering the mall through JC Penney -- and I made the even bigger mistake of entering the door into JC Penney near the salon.  I popped into the salon and glanced around, didn't notice anything until I turned to leave and I spotted the clearanced nail polish on the counter -- all $4/ea.  So immediately I honed in on one shade because it'd been a shade I had wanted for a while from the OPI Holland Collection.  I snatched it up and then glanced through the remaining polishes and ended up settling with two additional from the Superman Collection.  I ended up paying $12 for all of them which I feel was a great price.  If you aren't aware, new nail polishes are $8/ea when they come into JC Penney and after a while they (for the most part) because a 2 for $6 deal and after a while the shades from individual collections go on clearance for $2-4.

Here's what I picked up:

- OPI - I Have a Herring Problem
- OPI - Number One Nemesis
- OPI - Into The Night

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