Saturday, January 12, 2013

SPOTTED: Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Sticks

Apologies for my absence, I’ve been terribly tired as of late and the thought of typing at the computer was just draining.  The past few days I’ve crawled into bed and immediately passed out.  My body is trying to fight off some sort of cold which is starting to rear its little ugly head.  But … anyway, onto my posting.

Earlier last week I popped into CVS to pick up some things and in doing that, it meant I had to browse around the store.  I’ve seen a lot of YouTube postings about new drugstore items so I wanted to see what my CVS had.  I was surprised they didn’t have a whole lot out yet, but this was one of the newer displays that I hadn’t seen anyone talk about yet.  The product reminded me of the Revlon Just Bitten balms so I was immediately intrigued.

This is the Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Sticks display, which features 8 different shades, which range from lighter to darker.  Quite a nice selection if you ask me.  I will say I like that the caps on these are clear so you can see the actual color of the product – whereas with the Revlon you had to judge by swatches online and/or the cap color (which was slightly different than the color payoff of the product).  At my particular CVS these were $9.29/each but with CVS sales, coupons, etc., you may be able to get a better deal – as pricing and deals vary store to store.

The shades in this collection are as follows:
-          10 Juicy Peach
-          20 Fresh Papaya
-          30 Sweet Watermelon
-          40 Bright Berry
-          50 Warm Caramel
-          60 Soft Raspberry
-          70 Plum Perfect
-          80 Rich Raisin

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