Sunday, January 27, 2013

SWATCHES: A Plum Prospect & Berry Ready - Maybelline Color Whispers

These are two of the new Maybelline Color Whispers I had picked up at Target.  The two shades I got are A Plum Prospect and Berry Ready.  Both shades are completely stunning and they are fabulous products.  Then again I am a big Maybelline lover – I think I’d venture into saying they are one of my favorite drug store beauty lines.

In case you aren’t aware the Color Whisper line is Maybelline’s version of a lip butter.  It took Maybelline a while to master a product that can compare to the lip butter rage and I can say from these 2 shades that I own they did quite a good job.  I do like the packaging on these a lot more than the lip butters – they’re just sleek and I love how it has the name in cursive down the front of the cover.  The two shades I picked up compliment my skin tone quite well and I will admit I gaze at the display every time I stumble into a store that has them in-stock.  I’m sure I’ll grace myself with more but for right now I am happy with the two that I own.

A Plum Prospect is a darker pink shade with purple undertones.  Quite beautiful and truly unique.

Berry Ready is a very deep plum/berry shade with a bit of a reddish undertone.  It’s really opaque and attention seeking.  Definitely beautiful!

Have you purchased any of the Maybelline color Whispers?  If so, what’s your favorite shade so far?

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