Sunday, January 6, 2013

REVIEW: Covergirl Blast Flipstick

As a part of BzzAgent I was invited into the Covergirl Blast Flipstick BzzCampaign.  Upon receiving my BzzBox I was provided an information packet, 3 flipsticks and coupons to share with anyone and everyone.  I was quite surprised to see 3 tubes of lipstick in my package and I was even more surprised that all the shades I received would work very well with my skintone!  The three shades I’ll be reviewing are: Minx, Stunner and Vixen.

The product is packaged into double ended stick – which has a separate shade at each end.  Each tube contains .134 oz of product.  Suggested retail price is $8.49 but of course with store sales and coupons you can get them for a lot less.  They’re also less at stores such as Target ($7.99) and Walmart ($7.98).

There are two lipstick shades available in each flipstick – one being a cream shade and the other a shimmer shade.  The lipstick shades can be worn individually or worn together and/or blended together to create a unique look (ombre anyone?) for any and all individuals.  Within the line there are 13 different flipsticks available with a number of different shade options.  In this case Minx is a mixture of deep brown and gold, Stunner is a mix of bright pink and gold and Vixen is a mixture of burgundy and a pearl pink shades.  From the swatches you can see the shimmer in one shade, while the cream shade in the other swatch.

The Covergirl brand of Flipsticks can be purchased at all major pharmacy retailers (CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid) while they can also be purchased at stores such as Target and Walmart.  They are also available for purchase online at Ulta (they may be available in store as well but I don’t shop at Ulta so I cannot confirm),,, and

I find these to be nice lipsticks, they are very smooth and easy to apply.  The color payoff is stellar as it only takes a swipe to get a true color saturation on your lips.  Of course it may take two or three swipes across the lip to fully fill the lip in – but overall it’s a great payoff.  If you choose to go that route, the shades are easily blendable and it certainly brings the intensity of the darker shade down a bit, while also bringing sheen to the lips.  It has a generic lipstick scent, but it’s not gross or plasticy.  They are certainly a nice product, but they can most certainly be daring depending on the color shades you choose to work with.  Even the darkest shade (Minx) can be toned down into a nice shimmery deep brown.


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