Saturday, November 10, 2012

This is what $25 worth of lotion looks like

Have you ever wondered what $25 worth of lotion would look like?  If so, look no further because this is it!  My boyfriend and I went into Walmart the other day for one thing and we ended up with a whole lot of random things.  I went crazy in the glove department (it's been sooooooo cold here lately and it snowed the other day!) and the lotion department.  My hands have been a bothersome topic for me for months.  I've tried a lot of things and things work for a while and then they lose their luster.  One of my coworkers was raving about Cetaphil so I decided to pick up a tub because at this point investing in one more type of lotion wasn't going to kill me.  I am pleased to report that this does work quite well and my hands are certainly looking better.  The Cetaphil was priced just below $11.

I was then looking at the Aquafor moisturizers and decided to get the Equate (Walmart brand) because it was almost $3-4 cheaper.  This is a petroleum jelly based ointment which can be used on all skin, lips, etc.  I figured this would also help me out in the winter months where my the back of my hands get terribly beat up with wind burn.  I have heard a little of this goes a long way so I'm sure this is going to last me FOREVER.  This was priced right below $10

The last thing I purchased was this Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula for Dry, Ashy skin.  The fall/winter months are brutal on my skin in general because the cold just literally sucks ALL the moisture out of me.  I have a slightly darker complexion and my skin can get grossly ashy even hours after applying lotion.  In case you don't know what ashy is -- it's when your skin gets so dry that it develops this white cast on your skin and if you scratch it (at least in my case) it gets VERY irritated and you could literally scratch & scratch & scratch until you start bleeding.  Palmer's makes pretty decent products so I figured I'd give it a shot and so far, so good.  My legs aren't crazy looking by mid-afternoon, so yay!  This was priced a few cents below $6.

So there you have it, my $25 lotion haul!

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