Thursday, November 15, 2012

REVIEW: Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves

In my Influenster Beauty Blogger Voxbox I received a sample size of the Not Your Mother’s Smooth Moves frizz control hair cream.  I admit I was pretty pumped to get this in my box because I absolutely LOVE Not Your Mother’s hair products.  This goes without saying that I fell in love with this product.  It works quite well, smells amazing and is affordably priced (especially if you hit a pharmacy during a BOGO sale).

The full-size container contains 4 fl. oz. of product and comes in a squeeze tube (similar to the one pictured – just larger).  The product retails for $6.00 but this price will undoubtedly be lower at a Walmart location – I believe their Not Your Mother’s products retail for right under $5.  Pharmacies (CVS in particular) frequently put Not Your Mother’s products on sale – typically with a buy one get one free sale, so you’d be able to get two bottles for the price of one.

First of all, I will discuss the smell – this has a delicious coconut scent.  I am a complete coconut LOVER so the scent is completely up my alley.  Since you are using such a small amount of product in your hands, the coconut smell isn’t there all day – at least not to me.  Since my hair isn’t long enough to sniff on my own, I asked my boyfriend to smell my hair and he said it smells good but there’s no key scent to it.  So in my opinion the coconut smell dissipates.  The product itself is a cloudy clear liquid.  It’s middle of the road in thickness and when you rub it over your hands it’s got a little sticky texture to it on your skin. A little does go a long way, so a bottle should last you a while.

Smooth Moves is available at all major retailers – CVS, Walmart,, Ulta, and Amazon.  Prices of course, vary by location.  I have not seen this brand at my local Walgreen’s OR Rite Aid – but perhaps those are just my local stores?

I would strongly recommend this product to any and all hair types.  My hair is straight (it can get wavy if I pull it back in a bun when wet and let it air dry in a bun – as seen in the picture) and I’m always dealing with flyaways.  This keeps my hair in control and completely smooth all day long.  I have healthy hair as it is (meaning I don’t dye it, don’t blow dry it, etc.) and the feel of my hair with this product in it, just makes it silky and gorgeous.  The scent, the price and the payoff are completely worth it in my opinion.


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