Monday, November 19, 2012

REVIEW: Goody Quikstyle - Absorbent Microfiber Paddle brush

 I went on a hunt for this hairbrush after seeing Krystal mention this in a post of hers.  I am letting my hair grow out (it’s currently past my shoulders) and I hardly ever blow-dry my hair.  I typically only let my hair air dry, which, especially when the weather changes and it starts to get cold out (or if it’s raining) my hair takes FOREVER to dry completely.  There have been days at work, where come 3pm my hair is still wet in places.  So when I saw this hairbrush I knew I had to find it, especially if it would help shorten the drying time of my hair.  The intriguing part of this whole thing is the product states it removes 30% of water in the hair.

The hairbrush comes as shown in the photograph – the bristles are covered with a hard plastic exterior.  Price wise – I will admit it is a bit expensive – at least where drugstore hair brushes are concerned.  Prices do vary store to store, but this retails for $11.99 at Target, $11.96 at Walmart, and at CVS it’s around $13.50.  CVS does tend to do Buy 1 Get one 50% off specials so if you were going to be getting two of these it might be a bit of a savings on your wallet.

The hairbrush is pretty sturdy on its own and when you look at it, considering it’s a paddle brush, you expect it to be heavy in your hands.  It’s really very light.  Actually so light it takes a few uses before you get used to how it feels in your hands (due to how light it is).  The first few times I used it, I almost sent it sailing across the room.  I would only use this when your hair is wet (after having been in a towel after the shower).  What I do is when I remove the towel from my hair, I brush the top portions of my hair, and then I brush the underside of my hair.  I find when I brush the underside it really aids in speeding up the drying process.  On a cold day, my hair can be dry by 10am (I shower at 7am during the week).

I use this brush everyday and haven’t had any problems with it.  It doesn’t get smelly and gross (as I admit I suspected might happen).  Once the hairbrush dries after use, you can easily pull the excess hair it captured in it out and discard.  Whereas after a number of uses you can wash the brush with some shampoo and let it air dry by setting the brush to dry, sitting on the bristles.

The brush is pretty much available all over the place now – but when I purchased this, I went scouring high and low.  I’ve since seen them at Walmart, Target, CVS and Walgreens.  This is also available on  It is listed on Amazon, but it’s nearly $25 so I wouldn’t recommend that.

I would highly recommend this hairbrush to anyone that has hair that they either air dry, or want to aid in quickening the drying time of their hair.  I’ve noticed a significant increase in the drying time of my hair.  This helps promote the healthiness of your hair since (if you can) it reduces the direct heat you would get from an air dryer.  Overall, I’m completely in love and I adore this thing!


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