Thursday, November 8, 2012

Review: Bath & Body Works - Mahogany Teakwood Candle

As part of the Influenster Beauty Blogger Voxbox, I received a mini Bath & Body Works candle in the scent Mahogany Teakwood.  I wasn't aware I was going to be getting this beforehand, nor was I aware of what scent I would be getting in my box as scents are put in at random.  To say I was very excited, is an understatement.  I can say this is one of the most raved about Bath & Body Works candle scents because many people say it smells like Abercrombie.  Honestly, I don't shop at Abercrombie and I can't think of the last time I walked past the store -- but I can say this: this candle smells AMAZING!

I love Bath & Body Works candles, some of their scents are amazing and this is one of them.  I loved it so much I actually went out and purchased the full-size candle, which is now safely stored away in my closet for future use.  The one thing I like about B&BW candles is they offer these mini size candles -- so you can test out a few of them to see if you can handle the scent.  These are great for smaller rooms -- bathrooms, foyers, etc.  I don't feel the mini's are strong enough to be the major scent in say a bedroom, etc.  If you had 2-3 of the minis in one room going at once, you'd be able to get an equal spread of the scent throughout the surface area.

Now as for the scent of this candle?  It smells manly - like cologne, but not over powering.  If this was a cologne, I'd probably buy it and spray it on my boyfriend ;).  According to Bath & Body Works the scent is described as follows: "Revel in the cozy fine woods fragrances of mahogany, cedarwood and oak, highlighted by delicate lavender and geranium notes."

The only tip I have is, if you're into candles -- make sure you trim the wicks.  The taller the wick, the more likely they are to smoke, soot the glass, etc.  Overall, I give these a thumbs up.

Disclaimer: I received this product free for reviewing purposes but that in no way alters my opinions or thoughts as these are my own.

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