Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dots Knock-Off Perfume Haul

For a very long time I was anti-knock off perfumes. Almost two years ago I bought a bottle of knock-off Sarah Jessica Parker perfume which smelled EXACTLY like SJP NY and it changed my mind.  I know a lot of people are against buying knock off fragrances but to each their own.  I’ve since purchased a couple different knock-off perfumes from Big Lots.

When at Dots I noticed they had a Hello Kitty knock off perfume.  Now, I LOVE the Hello Kitty perfume but I think the nearly $60 price tag is a little ridiculous, especially for a perfume that would not be an everyday type of perfume for me.  The perfume was marked at $5 a box BUT there was a sale going on 3 for $10 – not including the Dot fragrances (bummer because there was one that was fabulous smelling).

The three perfumes I got are as follows:
-          Yes Yes (Paris Hilton Can-Can Impression)
-          Hello Cutie! (Hello Kitty Impression)
-          Hola! (Marc Jacobs Lola impression)

The Hello Cutie is undoubtedly gorgeous and relatively long lasting on the skin.  I liked the scent of Hola it was nice and floral and the girl that works there told me that Yes, Yes is one of their best sellers and typically sells out, so I decided to get it because it’s more of a fruity summer scent.

Do you like knock off perfumes?

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