Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Amazon Haul: Hair Donut

I was watching YouTube videos and saw a few ladies mentioning using hair donuts to perfect their bun.  So, I went on Amazon and searched for a hair donut and found one for 79 cents – shipping from Hong Kong.  I know there are a few stores that sell hair donuts, but I couldn’t remember what store sells them and when I was looking for them back in March I was getting weird looks asking girls that work in certain stores if they had a hair donut.

I figured for 79 cents I couldn’t go wrong, so I added it to my shopping cart and had it shipped to my house.  It did take about 3-4 weeks to arrive at my house.  It’s a classic hair donut, nothing special about it. You slip your hair through the middle and fan it around the hair donut and pin into place and use a hair tie if you wish.  I’m finding that my hair is almost too thin to use the hair donut.  Granted I’ve tried it once but I’m going to allow myself to get more comfortable with it.  This particular donut would be best suitable for anyone with long hair … my hair is longer (past my shoulder blades) but I think if it were just a tad longer it would work a lot better because I’d have more hair to move around the donut.

Do you use a hair donut, sock or bun maker to create a flawless bun for yourself?

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