Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dollar Tree Milani Haul

While at Dollar Tree I was quite surprised to find Milani lip products especially because I’ve heard rave reviews about some of the Milani lip liners.  So for $1 who was I to pass up such a great deal?  My local store didn’t have a very wide selection – they had 3 lip liner shades and 2 lip gloss shades.  I’ve read elsewhere online that some stores have had baked eye shadows available as well as additional lip gloss shades available.  So with that, I picked up 3 lip liners and 1 lip gloss shade.  Upon getting home, I was super excited to swatch and was pleasantly surprised with the color payoff on all four products!

Here’s what I picked up:

-          Milani Lip Gloss in Red Delicious
-          Milani Lip Liner in Simply Natural
-          Milani Lip Liner in Berry Charming
-          Milani Lip Liner in Satin Rose

Have you picked up or spotted any Milani products at Dollar Tree?

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