Sunday, May 12, 2013

Payless Shoe Haul

I am a bit of a sucker for a coupon, especially a coupon that’ll essentially give me a great deal. I received a $10 off $25 purchase coupon in the mail and since I haven’t purchased a pair of shoes in a while, that immediately got me onto the Payless website to check around to see what they had available.  I’ve learned I can get a lot more shoes in my size on their website BUT the downside is their ship-to-store option takes FOREVER.  One time it literally took 3-weeks for me to get the shoes (partly because the store received my shoes and completely forgot to call and let me know).  Since I needed to ensure I found a pair of shoes that were not going to be a problem for my brothers wedding, I decided to pop into the store one late afternoon to browse around.  Thankfully, I struck “gold” and found two pairs of shoes – one for the event I was looking for shoes for and the other because they’d be awesome for spring/summer time.

I picked up a pair of Comfort Plus in the Phillip Mid Wedge Slide style.  They did not have these in the size I needed (they weren’t even an option in a wide or regular) but I found them in a size up and they fit comfortably.  I find sandals, especially sandals/wedges with side straps; they really dig into my feet after a while and make walking a “chore.”  These have a nice, soft kind of stretchy side so I don’t think they’ll be a bother to my feet.  They are originally $24.99 – but I got them on sale for $19.99.

Then after bothering the girl that works in the store, asking if they magically hid a pair of plaid boat shoes I ended up spotting these Airwalk “Tom” like flats – in the style Dream Slip On. When I was a little girl, shoes like this (with the laces – which they still sell) were called “skippies” in my area.  I’ve always loved those shoes and have looked for pairs for myself during the spring/summer months (because they’re light on the feet) but as I’ve gotten older and my feet have grown it’s harder to find them.  But when I saw these in my size I snatched them off the shelf.  The true test was to see if they’d fit … and to my surprise they fit PERFECTLY!  They are originally $19.99 – but on sale for $16.99 – so after my coupon I paid $6.99 for these (making my grand total $26.99 for both pair).

If you’re interested in these they can be found here (they also come in a variety of colors):

Have you shopped for shoes at Payless in a while?  If so, what have you picked up?

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