Sunday, May 20, 2012

SPOTTED: Pure Ice Crackle Effects Nail Polish


I had popped into Walgreen's last week and while browsing around the beauty section I spotted a new display of Pure Ice nail polishes. If you are not familiar with the Pure Ice brand it's a nail polish line that is primarily sold at Walmart and at Walmart the regular line shades run for $1.99 each (similar to the NYC and other lower end drug store lines). Now, I didn't even know Walgreen's sold Pure Ice brand polishes, I know Walmart does and I thought that was the only retailer - but I guess I was wrong! This particular Walgreen's had the new crackle effect (aka shatter) polishes on sale for $3.99 each, or you could get 2 for $5. The color selection was what caught my eye initially because they have this gorgeous, vibrant, taxi-cab yellow. They also had little combo packs of polishes which came with a regular shade of polish and the crackle polish which would compliment that shade. The combo pack also came with a mini decorative nail file. The two were wrapped together and sold for the each price. Not bad at all -- but I don't believe those were available for the 2 for $5.

Do you like crackle/shatter polishes?
Have you tried any of the Pure Ice nail polishes?

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