Monday, May 28, 2012

$4 & $2 Essie? Sure, why not!?

I popped into Walgreen’s about two weeks ago to get an energy drink for my boyfriend and I. I was really killing time because he was at a conference and was getting out within the next half hour – so Walgreen’s it was! I was hoping to find the Sinful Colors nail display because I have been going back and fourth about getting a particular shade, but needless to say they did not have the display so I did no get the polish. Off to the back of the store I went after browsing the cosmetic section. At the back of the store they typically have an area which is all clearanced items. I was going through some of the items, felt some items were too highly priced since they were discontinued. I then pulled out this bin and went into super-charge mode. I spotted Essie nail polishes. The sticker on the larger bottles was $4, the sticker on the smaller mini bottle was $2. I grabbed the 2 large bottles and the one mini bottle they had – and I did leave behind one large bottle because it was another School of Hard Knocks. I realize these are fall/winter appropriate shades – but regardless, Essie is Essie and I’ve recently started expanding my Essie collection.

Here’s what I was able to pick up for a fabulous deal:

School of Hard Knocks. This is a teal cream shade.
Very Structured This is a reddish brown shade, with I’d say a touch of orange. Very fall appropriate.
Jazz A very light nude shade with a tinge of grey.

I haven’t worn any of the shades yet. I actually need to get around to painting my nails but I’m still stoked to get them for the price I did!

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